We specialise in manufacturing high quality canvas products

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Custom Canvas Products

Shade Car Ports

Pool Covers & Nets

Caravan Services & Repairs

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We custom manufacture Bow Tents, Contractor Tents, Roll Up blinds, Seat Covers for (Tractors, Vehicles, Bakkies), Hunting Benches, Bags, Caravan tents eg: Added room, Rally tent, Full tents

We create PVC products for Cargo covers, Pool covers, trailer covers, bags, covers, custom tarpaulins made for Calve pens & Chicken coups

We also custom manufacture Shade net products Ground sails, Shade roofs, wind breakers

Repair of: Tents, Gazebo, Bags, Trampoline, Cargo covers, Pool covers, Zips, Shade nets, Umbrella covers, and many more

LPG Gas available in store Refils also available

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